Why is it important to use a fully qualified optometrist?
The British Contact Lens Association states that “contact lenses can ONLY be fitted by a registered optometrist, suitably qualified dispensing optician or medical practitioner”.

In view of this, Eyeworks for Film only provide fully qualified and fully insured optometrists, in order to fully protect the health of your clients’ eyes.

What type of lenses do you provide?
Typically a scleral contact lens is used to achieve a multitude of different looks. These may include zombie, demon, blindness, cat-like eyes or trauma effects, to name a few.
This is a large diameter lens, hand painted to give the desired dynamic effect on screen. Often a simple iris colour change lens is needed, which is smaller in diameter but will fully change the colour of the eye.
Throughout filming our contact lens technicians will also be at hand to insert and remove lenses and frequently re-wet, whilst monitoring ocular health.

Where can we work?
Our contact lens technicians are readily available to work in the UK or internationally.

Do you have your own insurance?
All of our contact lens technicians are fully insured with their own professional indemnity insurance.

How do I order a pair of Contact Lenses?
In order to use these lenses, each client must have a full eye examination and be fitted for these lenses in practice before he/she can use them on set. At our affiliated optical practice Eyeworks London, the measurements can be taken for ordering the lenses, and they can be inserted for assessment. These steps are vital to ensure the safety of your artist and to ensure you adhere to General Optical Council regulations on the supply and fitting of contact lenses.

How long does it take to supply lenses?
Ideally we need a couple of weeks from initial consultation/fitting to the use of lenses on set. However, for an express fee we can have your lenses within a week.

How much do they cost?
Cost depends on type and requested design ideas, all of which can be outlined by contacting us via email, or Eyeworks London directly.